disney vs tekken war of worlds the return of azazel is a crossover fighting game canon similar to tekken 6 features characters form disney/pixar universes colliding with characters form tekken universes it is released for wii u xbox 360 and ps3 mode story mode ( 1 player) ( aracde mode 1player ) SINGLE MODE 1 - 2 players onilne mode 1 - 2 players onilne gameplay plays like tekken 6 playble characters disney side mickey donald goofy sor luke darth vader darth bane mulan simba nala agent p aladdin peter pan robin hood jafar randy stilch hook penn zero tekken side jin kazuya heihachi baek king ll armor king ll marduk jack 6 e x roger roger jr alex mokujin kuma tesujin yoshimitsu bryan wang dlc woody buzz elsa anna timon and pumbaa maid marain todd vixey kinjin ryu ken devil jin devil mickey sly cooper kratos final azazel 1 form super azazel 2 form blade azazel 3 form ultra azazel 4 form devil azazel 5 form ultramate azazel 6 form

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