Rosalinda MonteiroEdit





Alies:Christie Monteiro(Cousin),Marine Monteiro(Sister)

First Appearance:Tekken 8,Street Fighter vs Tekken:Crossing Pandora

Fighting Style:Capoeira,acrobatics

Character's RelatioshipEdit

  • Josie Rizal:her partner from Tekken 8
  • Melody Byrnes:A friend
  • Donna Sheynah:Her Rival
  • Karine Oliveira:a close friend of Rosalinda and alternative partner from her
  • Christie Monteiro:Her Cousin
  • Ron Carter:Her has a crush from her
  • Armor King:Her enemy/Arch-Rival
  • King:Friendly Rival/Arch-Rival
  • Sean Matsuda:Rival in Street Fighter vs Tekken:Crossing Pandora


Rosalinda Monteiro born in Rio de Janeiro, plus new of Three Capoeiristas

She never liker of the Armor King,Because he dead mother of the Marine and Rosalinda

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