In Tekken x MySims, the characters of the Tekken and Mysims series face off against each other in hand-to-hand combat. Each character has a different purpose for winning the tournament, but I'm not giving spoilers.


From Tekken

  • Jin
  • Jun
  • Anna
  • Nina
  • King
  • Armor King
  • Lee
  • Violet
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Kunimitsu
  • Mokujin/Tetsujin/Combot
  • Law
  • Eddy
  • Tiger
  • Heihachi
  • Xiaoyou
  • Wang
  • Panda/Kuma
  • Roger/Roger Jr./Roger's Wife/Alex
  • Unknown
  • Ogre
  • True Ogre
  • Kazuya
  • Angel/Devil
  • Hwaorang

From MySims

  • Your Character (mine is a girl named Treona)
  • Buddy
  • Goth Boy
  • Yuki
  • Travis
  • Liberty
  • Bean
  • Clara
  • Violet
  • Lyndsay
  • Zombie Carl
  • Morcubus
  • Esma
  • Brandi
  • Ray
  • Raven


  • Snow Forest
  • High School
  • Forest River
  • Arena Ring
  • Temple
  • Temple Training Grounds
  • Streets
  • Carnival
  • Inside the Temple (Light)
  • Inside the Temple (Dark)
  • The Island
  • The Mall


  • The Mountains (MySims Agents)
  • Desert (MySims)
  • Town Square (MySims)
  • Festival Grounds (MySims Party)
  • Nether-Possessed Forest (Original)
  • Abandoned Lot (Original)
  • Arcade (Original)


  • This game can be comparable to some official games such as Tekken x Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, DC Vs. Mortal Combat, and the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series
    • Coincidentally, Tekken x MySims is the sequel to Tekken x Street Fighter
  • There are more Tekken characters than there are MySims characters
  • This is the third time any MySims characters have been in a fighting game
    • The first time was Super Smash Bros. Universe and the second was Soulcalibur: Nevermore/Infinitely
    • Both SSBU and SC:N/I are fangames of mine
  • The MySims and Tekken characters have connections between each other (other than when fighting)

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